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QUESTION The Man from Earth -- who has seen this movie?

It's about a man, a caveman, who stopped aging and has been on earth for 14k years. It's very interesting!

By GeekLeen7
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Yep, very good. Sometimes the video is a little dark. But the writing makes you think. Enjoyed it.


I haven't seen this one yet. I saw the D.C. version, but the Justice League keeps stopping his attempts to take over the world. You should know who I am speaking of.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 26, 2017

My FAVORITE holiday movie. Actually, I just posted this movie in the "Immortality" question. This was written by Jerome Bixby (famous scifi writer on his deathbed). My wife and I watch it every year during the holidays. It's so well written, I'm amazed it got made!


I love that movie. So good while being super low budget


I saw it like five years ago. I was actually thinking about the movie the other day I'm going to watch it again.


Great movie!

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