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A big shout out to the men that have women's backs. Misogyny is everywhere and women on this site and in person appreciate your support. In the US we need your votes to get our reproductive rights restored. When men treat us disrespectfully and you speak up it makes a difference.

MizJ 8 July 1

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It is a lot of big issues, it takes a lot of effort to change the minds of even a few. We all have to work together.

The Women's and Civil Rights Movements have a lot of parallels. Simplified both are seeking equality. Both also have complicated histories. You are correct that although progress has been made attitudes have a long way to go. The more that support positive change the more progress that is made.


The thing about evil is that it does not recognise itself, and that applies particularly to the current SCOTUS.

The justices lied under oath at their confirmation hearings claiming that they believed in stare decisis. Even if they believe their decision regarding Roe is morally correct they know that lying is not. They also know that the reasoning in the opinion is bullshit.


My pleasure


There are not so many here as you seem to think. But I do agree that women appreciate those who DO have our back.

For the most part the men here are decent πŸ™‚

Most of what I have experienced here is subtle. If it happens more than once I block them.

@MizJ and there you have it…subtle.

@MsKathleen Being talked to as if I was a child or a halfwit is annoying whether it is blatant or subtle.


NPR had a piece on the effect of abortion upon men's financial sucess. This effects men as well. Their access & opinions matter. Support your women.

Inequality in any form affects us us ALL. There are now waiting lists for vasectomies.

No you are supporting irresponsible behaviour. - if you can't do the time, then don't do the crime.

My birth control failed. A woman is not to have sex because her birth control MIGHT fail? This is the court imposing a religious concept on the entire nation. As an atheist the concept of a soul might abhor you as religious doctrine imposed.. But I am going to ignore you from now on. GOD willing.


Uncle Thomas is punishing BLACK WOMEN in specific, & independent women everywhere, for Anita Hill.

Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford told the truth. Women being ignored or discounted is misogyny.


Here in Europe, we cannot fathom the Supreme Court in the USA. Surely they are pushing their own agenda and not 'defending the Constitution'.

There a lot of anger here, the majority of us disagree with the recent decisions.

You are correct. THIS Supreme Court, more than any other in history, was carefully crafted by evil men at secret meetings in back rooms over the last 20 or so years; it did not happen overnight.

@MizJ Of course there is. You've had 50 years of legalised murder. Are you any better than the reported Swedes who put their mentally defective babies outside the back door in the middle of winter? In most cases you don't know if your developing embryo is in mentally or physically defective when to murder it.

@FrayedBear The question is, is abortion murder?
I'll go back to my late wife - a surgeon by trade. Her view was at conception there is a bundle of cells which grows. Basically a butthole at first, growing steadily and adding some nerves. With more growth comes the basis of a brain and the layout of a vertebrate, but unable to think and still just a butthole. As it grows further, it moves, but remains missing that 'vital spark' of thought. At around 12 weeks the brain is beginning to think and process becoming almost independent, but fully reliant on the mother. After 20 weeks or thereabouts a tiny human is in place. While in the womb, it is taking on outside stimuli and is growing both physically and mentally.
So, where does society draw the line? From the moment of conception there is the potential of a human being. But what of menstruation and male masturbation? Both remove the potential of life as does Gay sex. So should that be looked at as abortion too? Probably not.
What of medical reasons? We sadly lost a baby because of the choice of either they both probably die, or just the foetus. Ideally, we would have liked to have had the baby.
It is a difficult choice to loose a baby, but keeping it while it is still 'an it' can be worse. Although the argument goes the other way too. I have a fine 'accident' of whom I a proud of. We would have liked another, but not to be.

@FrayedBear A zygote is not a baby.

@Mooolah Britannica definition:
zygote, fertilized egg cell that results from the union of a female gamete (egg, or ovum) with a male gamete (sperm). In the embryonic development of humans and other animals, the zygote stage is brief and is followed by cleavage, when the single cell becomes subdivided into smaller cells.

What part of "brief" do you not understand?

I'm pleased that you "had an accident".
I'm well aware that there are cases where pregnancy emperils the mother and that it takes time for the brain to develop however the brain will develop. To say that the murder of that brain because the mother doesn't want the child in my opinion is not a viable option.

End of discussion. I also believe that it should be universally illegal to circumcise any male child without adequate medical reason. And as I was told by the Australian government's health official foreskin is only a bit off skin not part of the largest organ of the human body. Similarly women wanting to murder their foetus should realise that their unborn child may become one of the greatest benefactors to the humanity.

@FrayedBear Thank you for your input.

@MsKathleen This has been wrought by the master of strategy. No not Putin. Mitch McConnel.

@FrayedBear =0{

@Mooolah I believe he only executed the plan. This has obviously been in the works a very long time.

@Sofabeast You are welcome.

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