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LINK Bronx shooting kills 19-year-old - YouTube

We whites have constructed a war zone nation for Gen Z so it's hardly surprising that our streets become battlefields. I think liberals now have to respond by accelerating the fire in MSM conversation by buying arms, at least handguns, without joining the NRA. The media would notice this and discuss it. At that time we can issue warnings to the RW religious zealots that they are in our targets and we are not afraid to wipe out a cancer on our nation. They need to be afraid of us and we need a platform to make them so. Therefore, such incidents are funny for me.

rainmanjr 8 July 4

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I notice he has a constitutionally protected large capacity magazine I his pistol, so he is utilizing his Constitutional right to protect himself against electric scooters I guess. The kid killed was collateral damage. 😢

That's exactly the current rationalization. I agree that, to my mind, it's a sad one but it's also fact.

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