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Another day, another shooting in the United $tates of Absurdity: [] Nothing new to see here, move along now.

anglophone 8 July 4

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Gun violence in Chicago tends to rise over holiday weekends as the hot weather sends people outdoors. In 2021, more than 100 people were shot and 17 killed over the Fourth of July weekend in the city of Chicago.

I think it has become too dangerous for public events, like a parade, and they should be stopped. This idiotic nation can't handle them. This was outside Chicago, itself, so the gun laws are more relaxed (for those sighting Chicago gun laws). That's the problem inside Chicago as the guns are merely bought in Highland Park (as an example). Possibly those allowances will now change? haha. Nothing ever changes in America. Stagnation is our motto.

Has stagnation now become regression under SCOTUS?

@anglophone Absolutely.


It’s also nothing to post here. Why did you?


It's tough watching the US unravelling before our eyes in real time. I wouldn't have thought this would happen in my lifetime, but everything now happens at an accelerated pace, including empire disintegration. These regular mass shootings are symptomatic in my view of a society that is sick to the core, divided and ridden with hatred. Noam Chomsky once said insightfully that the ruling elites in America are steadfast in their belief that they and only they know what America needs, despite the chaos and ruination they reek domestically and abroad, and no one else knows anything. How true.



That’s not real. They have very strict gun control laws. I’m calling BS.


This will not stop until mental health and poverty are addressed.

Betty Level 8 July 4, 2022

Which issues the Rethuglican Party seem remarkably resistant to addressing.

@anglophone It doesn't benefit them to do so.

Chicago is ran completely by democrats though. The ball’s in their court.


Yep, entirely predictable and will remain so.


They caught him 5 minutes ago.

Thanks for that update.

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