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Finally... it rain and the North wind is blowing. I got the 2 doors open. Free ac. It's suppose to get cold in the pm. I love it. Oh! Maybe the grass will finally die. Everything is still green over here. What's the temperature where you live?...

BucketlistBob 8 Dec 5

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was 18 degrees last night and in the 40's today. No wind. WHen the sun is out this is perfect for me.I think this is more normal for this area. It has been in the 70;s recently

@BucketlistBob it is like walking in menthol


In mid-summer in Florida, I would gladly exchange with you. Having lived in Berlin, Germany, in northern and in Kansas I have often said that one can always put on enough clothes to get warm; but in Florida in the summer, one cannot take off enough clohes to get cool.

I just would like some balance. I lived in North Dakota. I know your pain.


Southeast TN. It's finally going to get below freezing in the evenings. No more yellowjackets and a great time to transplant some lilacs.



We're getting our first winter weather here. It has been mostly highs in the 70s lately. Today was in the high 50s, tomorrow low 50s, Thursday predicted high of 43. That's very cold for us here in Southern NM. December average high is upper 50s.


bundle up down there in Cruces


High 82 degrees today. Low in the high 60s.

Some people like this


It's 69F. And the wind was so bad today that I go motion sick sitting in my parked van at lunch. 😀

I hope your not effected by the fires over there.

wind is tough to take. we have out share of it here in NM

@bucketlistbob so far we’re only affected by breathing it. It’s still not as bad, down here at least, as the fires of 03, when we were pretty much drowning in ash.

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