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POLL House passes a new anti-human-trafficking bill—no thanks to these 20 Republican members of Congress

The full list of those who voted "no" includes:

Brian Babin (TX)
Andy Biggs (AZ)
Lauren Boebert 💻
Mo Brooks (AL)
Ken Buck 💻
Andrew S. Clyde (GA)
Matt Gaetz (FL)
Louie Gohmert (TX)
Paul A. Gosar (AZ)
Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA)
Andy Harris (MD)
Jody B. Hice (GA)
Thomas Massie (KY)
Tom McClintock (CA)
Mary E. Miller (IL)
Troy E. Nehls (TX)
Ralph Norman (SC)
Scott Perry (PA)
Chip Roy (TX)
Van Taylor (TX)

Does this vote make them deplorables?

  • 25 votes
  • 1 vote
rainmanjr 8 July 27

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Matt Gaetz has a conflict of interest in this vote. It cuts into business.


Ew, who's the deplorable fuck who voted no?
Oh, I looked at recent visitors to this page and I think I have a good guess...

There's always at least one.

@TheInterlooper You thought it would be hard to prove how I voted?? I didn't say it was you, but I notice you took a picture from your computer that could have been logged in with a different account so it didn't show your vote. Wonder why you didn't just screenshot with your profile information at the top like I did. Keep sleazin' brother.

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