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Most Americans are utterly oblivious to how propagandized they are. 'How the Pentagon Dictates Hollywood Storylines': []

Druvius 8 Aug 5

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I am. I have been warning people for years to get smart about the whole corrupt and incestuous links between the US Military Industrial Complex and the news and entertainment industries in that country, the assets, the front production companies, and the rest. Some excellent research has been done by investigative journalists and doco film makers, who always say it's worse than they thought, and no this is not 'conspiracy theory'. I watch nothing from America without a bullshit filter, and others should as well. It's part of what Noam Chomsky would call the manufactured consent of US class and power -- soft sell propaganda, in other words.


I don't watch movies or TV unless it's a sporting event so the propaganda is irrelevant for me.

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