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(Actress Anne Heche critically/gravely injured in bizarre auto crash.) 😬

SeaGreenEyez 9 Aug 6

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This is a total YIKES!


Notice it's from Fox. They have long had a habit of referring to her as a male. They think that kind of thing is funny.

I don't think those helicopter guys had nafarious intent. They were clearly shocked by her sudden movement. I'm pretty sure they thought he/she was dead until that moment.

PS: Fox and Sinclair account for over 78% of all "news" in households across the US. This is what you're gonna find on every MSM outlet, simply because they were there, live.


I feel bad for the poor homeowners, not the drunken asshole......


The reporter takes liberties that the driver is a he. It was actress Anne Heche. Reports are that she was fleeing the scene of an earlier accident. Fortunate noone inside that home was killed or injured I sure hope she survives. This is a valuable lesson, don't let your life get out of control.

Yep. Drunk as all hell. The video of her running into that garage shows her VERY clearly. Drunk Ol' Girl. And bottle in tow. 🍷🍾


Was she the driver of the car then, who they kept referring to with pronouns he/him? Can't tell from the video if the person on the guerney might have been the actress Anne Heche. Wow, if so, she sure gets herself into some odd situations!

Yeah. Those helicopter guys clearly weren't looking at the stretcher. I could tell by the ankles it was a woman. When she sat up, it was clearly obvious that was the charred back of a woman.

It's not looking very good for her. At some point it seems they've downgraded her condition. Claiming she will live, but...


Yikes. Girl was drunk as fuck. Insane. 😬

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