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The FBI is asshoe

Dyl1983 8 Aug 16

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Illustrating his level of brainpower, or just poor planning...or both?!?!!!!


Asshole: A pit dug by a donkey to trap an elephant ?


Is an asshoe a whore that specialises in anal?

@FvckY0u Good try, but see above.


I think somebody needs to go back to school. Nix that, he probably graduated with honors. (The education system is a joke.)

Betty Level 8 Aug 17, 2022

Opinions are like that; everyone’s got one.

@Dyl1983 I am quite used to observing the results of public education in the US. But, I do believe “is” is correct, as the reference appears to be to the FBI as a body, which would be singular.

@Dyl1983 Well, technically, “dumb” would have been incorrect, as it means “unable to speak”, and I doubt he’d have been even close to accurate with “ignorant”.

@MsKathleen I don’t think so. “The FBI are assholes” is the correct way to express that thought.

@NostraDumbass apparently, both are grammatically correct in British English, but “In American English, the singular would be used.”


Irreversible stupidity at its finest!


Those morons wave American flags while supporting a treasonous rapist seditionist who would readily destroy the government (at Putin's request) and enact a fascist dictatorship giving himself absolute authority. American flags??? Those morons haven't a clue what that flag means, and they are certainly demonstrating their stupidity and quasi-consciousness.

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