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LINK Texas district pulls the Bible, Anne Frank adaptation as schools face more book backlash

Can't WAIT to see how the religious right respond to this one!!!!! 😏

"We want all pedophilia and pornographic materials pulled off our shelves"

((pull bible))

"NO NO NO NO, I didn't mean THAT pedophilic or pornographic material!!!!"

TheMiddleWay 8 Aug 17

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The Bible has lot of incest and its based on fear.
Who wants the good stuff and the good news?


Sorry, it sound interesting but the link does not work in Europe.

@TheMiddleWay Will try.


NO sexual material anywhere in schools for 1 through 12.
No sex education.
That leaves the internet for curious young teens. Books are so important.
Thank goodness my first boyfriend had an older sister who went to the Franklin Institute of Science and Arts. Her medical books helped us understand the mechanics involved in getting pregnant (we had pretty limited sex-ed at school back in the late 1960s in NJ) we read up before we did the deed.
Apparently we were an exception, many of my classmates got pregnant and I'm sure many made the trip to NY where abortions was legal.


Burn that bible up and require Anne Frank to be accepted reading. OK, I'll be happy if you simply label
the bible section as fiction.

I would be happy with all religious books being pull from schools.

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