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I love Texas Paul, and this video of a repub who is scared to death of whatโ€™s happening in Texas will warm your heart!!

Redheadedgammy 9 Aug 19

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Follow Meidas Touch for Texas Paul and much more.

I absolutely love Meidas Touch! There are so many great people posting news and information there!! ๐Ÿ˜


Why does the worried man think he is a "Patriot?" Did he have time served in the military? If the answer is no then you are not a damned Patriot.

Give em a break Deno. Ya don't have to serve in the Mil to be a "patriot".

By that logic, John Wayne was never a patriot.

@Zealandia Neither is anything or anyone that is MAGA. Just a bunch of delusional followers.


The obstructionist regressive republican fascists are running scare here in Texas!!!

These fascists have turned so many of their conservative base into realizing that they interests are being denied which is costing them more than they can afford for food, medical, and electrical power!!!

The average electrical service in Texas costs have double with no viable improvement or updating of the Texas Power grid (ERCOT) as usual the money will be siphoned off into the CEOโ€™s and stockholders with any updating of the Grid!!!

The book bans, the out right illegal use of religious propaganda in schools along with the the total denial of Woman's Rights!!!


Nice! My home state of Georgia turned blue in the 2020 election which is the first time since 1992. The governor is a Republican though so that sucks.

Good luck in Texas! ๐Ÿ™‚

We are going to need some luck, just found out today that Texas is purging voters again like they did in 2019. People in Texas need to check their voter registration status because these fucking cheating repubs know whatโ€™s coming and are doing everything they can to prevent people from voting! ๐Ÿ˜ก

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