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Dick Cheney has no shame.

Who remembers riots in Florida to stop votes being counted when GW Bush beat Gore via a court decision (not via counting votes)? Who remembers lies about WMD to start a war? Lies about Iraqi ties to al Quada? Who then remembers Gitmo, torture and a general bypassing of checks and balances (aka constitution/ international law) by declaring a "war on terror" with no nation or borders or rules of engagement defined? Who recalls the world prior to Cheney being VP, with Haliburton making billions from gifted contracts during the destruction of Iraq?

Lots of talk about serious damage to American democracy atm yet many democrats do not see the hypocrisy of Cheney calling out Trump, with Cheney being applauded by many democratic supporters and media. He's anti-Trump so that makes him alright, all past sins forgotten.

A quick poll

Realistically, who has done more damage to democracy and due process in the US of A?

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puff 8 Aug 19

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Donald Trump has no shame without a doubt.

Seems a rarity with many politicians. Not talking just US either.


Joe Biden and the crazy democrap party has done more damage to this country than any president in history.

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