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The Texas Christian Taliban are at it again.
Public schools receive 'In God We Trust' poster donations as new Texas law requires their display

ADKSparky 8 Aug 19

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Texass SUCKS!


In which god do you trust? People in your schools are from all over and their gods should get mention or display as well. If you do not think so, then let's go to court about this.

Unfortunately, if it goes to the SC, they will lose, at least for now.


Fucking bullshit! Now every other religion should demand displays of their gods or motto’s. I’m so sick of these religious nationalist assholes pushing their bullshit on everyone else. If we have one we should have them all so these flaming assholes won’t think they are so special! 😡

We need those statues of Satan and Buddah in those schools! I just hope some of the kids have the balls to vandalize those posters, but I'm sure those schools have more cameras than you can shake a stick at and they will expel anyone who tried it, as well as prosecute them,.....

@TomMcGiverin Wouldn’t that chap their asses!! 😍

@Redheadedgammy That's the whole point, isn't it? They only want religion in the public sphere if it's THEIR religion, not some other one.... and they have zero tolerance for other religions or lack of....


Insecure, bullying theocratic fascist assholes, forcing their will on everybody else so they can feel more secure and superior for who they think they are..... Gilead, here we come... That shit should never have a place in public schools, but until we get a new SC, it will be allowed everywhere..

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