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LINK U.S. can't punish Christian hospitals for refusing to do abortions, gender surgery | Reuters

COVID-19 care at the ICU in Providence Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
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Care providers say they could be forced to violate religious beliefs without a shield from ACA enforcement
Even though original rule moot, appeals court found plaintiffs could still face enforcement

(Reuters) - The U.S. government cannot require several Christian medical groups and providers to perform abortions or gender transition surgeries under the Affordable Care Act, a federal appeals court has ruled. ...

snytiger6 9 Aug 30

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I don't think any of this was what the Affordable Care Act was about.


Sadly in many areas of the country religious based hospitals are the only ones available within a reasonable distance.


It's discouraging that their religious biases don't stop them from access to government funds, and I wouldn't go to a religious hospital except in an emergency.

The problem is that people don't realize how the religious rules could affect them until its too late and they're already admitted, such as when their pregnancy requires what's considered abortion services, or compassionate end of life needs come into play.


I'm actual fine with that because in CA there are many other options; and as a woman, I wouldn't want to be where someone was judging my morality at a time such as terminating a pregnancy. But that's just me.

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