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LINK Republicans Attack Ranked-Choice Voting After Palin's Alaska Loss

Republicans are attacking ranked-choice voting after former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin lost in a special election race on Wednesday to Democrat Mary Peltola.

The attacks come as Palin, an outspoken and controversial politician, is set to face off against Peltola and Republican Nick Begich III in a rematch in November under the same voting system she lost under. Peltola for now will serve out the rest of the late Don Young's term and run for a full term in November.

However, Palin is not backing down and says she will continue her pursuit to represent Alaska in November, facing off with Peltola a second time. ...

snytiger6 9 Sep 2

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Palin can't take a hint. Just like 45.


You know, it has occurred to me that in order for Ranked Choice Voting to take effect in Alaska, it first had to pass a republican legislature and be signed by a republican governor. The only reason they oppose it after the fact is they realize it didn't stack the deck as they expected it to.

Exactly! Same with Pennsylvania changing mail in voting rules in 2019. Legislature was/is majority Republicans, they passed the laws. Then when Trump lost, suddenly they were doing everything they could to change it back. But thanks to our Democratic governor, no take backs. So they have been in court now for two years trying to undo it.


Whenever they get Any clue that most reject their BS, they try to change the narrative. What else is new......,


This was inevitable and they will do whatever it takes to get rid of it by their next election in November, I’m sure.


The woman who defeated Palin has 170 rifles. Ah, so much better than Palin...

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