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What's you favorite non domesticated animal? I'd have to go with the

FvckY0u 8 Sep 4

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Orangutans, I have never seen a live one, but it is on the bucket list. Perhaps in part because they are the underdogs of the great apes, often overlooked in favour of the African apes, who are most closely related to us. Yet the may well be, the most emotionally intelligent and sensitive of us all.

i love Orangutans! Beautiful!



Boy do I have some beaver stories. Won't go there.

@FvckY0u You can go there too often, stroking beavers can prove very expensive.

@Fernapple In more ways than one. Yes, I can totally relate.


I like wolves - majestic creatures, falsely maligned over the millenia.

Hard finding good wolves pictures. Hard to distinguish the fake pictures from the real ones. Don't have to do that with elephants and such.


I'm going to go with Bison and Cedar wax wings. Bison because they are awesome, cedar wax wings because they visit my yard every migration and strip the seeds off my Chinese photinias.


The super athlete of the bovines!

@Garban I give them a wide berth, and except for the pictures I've taken from my car, I keep a healthy distance and let my lens creep up on them..


Sorry I can’t pick a favorite, but we had a family of river otters on the lake this year. They are very social and fun loving critters. A little on the ornery side too.

Reminds me of watching one go right in front of me twice while I was nude fishing in Wyoming many moons ago. Enjoy the picture.

@FvckY0u thanks for not posting the nude fishing photo.🤣

@Garban i don't have one or you'd not be thanking me.


Mine seems to change daily, or at least with every Attenborough documentary. Friday it was elephants, but today it's:

I had an uncle that lived in nowhere Nebraska who raised exotic animals while I was a child. He had peacocks in one of the barns. I'd always kind of step in the barn a little ways to try to gather some feathers but one of the peacocks would rustle and I'd run away scared for my life.

since you gave it an honorable mention.

@FvckY0u I'd run, too - they can be aggressive and nasty. They're somewhat common here. There's a pride of them that have roamed my nephew's school campus for decades, and they roam areas in Austin and San Antonio as well. So you never got some feathers?

@FvckY0u Thank you! Truly they deserve more than an honorable mention. They're majestic, intuitive, intelligent, extraordinary creatures.

@Lauren I always had a bouquet of feathers as a child. 🙂 The small town I lived in had a park that had peacocks in it. They were pretty common place for me back when I was a kid.

@Lauren Elephant #2

@FvckY0u How distinctive he is! How noble.


I like giraffes.




Ferocious rhinoceros


I love possums. They eat ticks, don't carry rabies, and are the only North American marsupial. Besides, I think they're kinda cute.

Looked them up on Duckduckgo and they look almost mid-evil in this picture.

I had one in my yard a year or so ago and, while a little on the mangey side, it was cute-ish and sort of played dead while I sat beside it. I guess sometimes they hiss and bare their teeth, but this one just waddled around, sat still when I was near, and eventually wandered into some bushes.

@resserts Right. They're not viscious, just look a little ugly when they are afraid.

@resserts Cute!

They are kind of cute and make great meme bait


I really like lions — majestic, with magnificent manes.

Talk about mid-evil.

@FvckY0u Such good boys! 😁

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