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LINK Report: Congress Pays Clergy $66,000 An Hour To Pray

The title is a little misleading but it does seem like a very well paid government job to pray.

Lukian 8 Apr 28

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I'd take that job, I mean unless they are mindreaders or you have to pray out loud you could be thinking about your grocery list for all they know.


Well, I think we know it's a scam to make congressional crooks look righteous.


Then he got fired because his prayer didn't suit Republican leader Ryan. Sooooo, now you must submit your prayer views before you can pray to a god who isn't real, so doesn't answer prayer, anyway.
Those Republicans are really something, aren't they?

PEGUS Level 5 Apr 28, 2018

The salary is obscene. The practice should have been deemed unconstitutional long ago.


That's why they're clergy.


Well shit, religion is a business. What else is to be expected here?

twill Level 7 Apr 28, 2018




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