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"Kathleen has a Ph.D. in psychology," Alexandria told Coby. I laughed.

Coby was referred by Alexandria, the girl I mentored last year. I like Coby and her mother. Alexandria and Coby play flute and shared first chair and section leader in orchestra.

"Alexandria said you have a Ph.D. in psychology," Coby said as we were leaving. "Fooled her!" I joked. We all laughed. "I have a bachelor degree in psychology." We had just met at the mentor meet-and-greet gathering.

Driving home, I realized that was a big compliment. When I met Alexandra, she was anxious, quiet and withdrawn.

Meet each mentee where they are, I learned. So I down-shifted my high energy and enthusiasm. Gently drew out Alexandria. Alexandra did no volunteering in high school, required by colleges and scholarships.

"I made Alexandria tutor young flute players, get a job, and sign up for Key Club," I told Coby. "Told her she didn't need to go to any meetings. Just put Key Club on her activity list. Did you see how she gained confidence?"

Coby smiled. "I tutored young flute players with Alexandria," she replied. "We did it together. She and I joined Key Club together and didn't go to any meetings."

"That's great!" I replied. We laughed.

First come, first served.

On Sunday I will meet Coby at her parent's house. We need her and her parent's tax records to apply for the FAFSA scholarship (Federal Application for Student Aid). It opens on Oct. 1. It is based on income.

First come, first served. Under Trump, Republicans limited the amount of money available. Bastards! It's for low income students.

Students can apply for FAFSA for six years while in college. That's wonderful.

LiterateHiker 9 Sep 30

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Education has to be fought for,,,
hummvies are GIVEN
to the rich.
Mentoring is PRISSELESS ‼️🖤💙




Great job. I also love the updates.


That's wonderful. What a good feeling you must have. 🙂

Betty Level 8 Sep 30, 2022

You are doing a good job.


Thank you for helping these young ladies.

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