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LINK Marco Rubio, Rick Scott call for Hurricane Ian relief as Florida GOP votes against FEMA funding

Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott called on Senate leaders Friday to provide more funding to help Florida rebuild after the devastating Hurricane Ian wiped out buildings, roads and power for millions of people.

Why it matters: Several members of Congress from Florida previously voted against a short-term spending bill that includes aid for disaster relief.

What they said: Rubio and Scott sent a joint letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee chairs that requested "much-needed assistance to Florida."

“Hurricane Ian will be remembered and studied as one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit the United States,” the Florida senators wrote. “Communities across Florida have been completely destroyed, and lives have been forever changed.

“A robust and timely federal response, including through supplemental programs and funding, will be required to ensure that sufficient resources are provided to rebuild critical infrastructure and public services capacity, and to assist our fellow Floridians in rebuilding their lives.”

Rubio's office did not immediately return Axios' request for comment.

Yes, but: Florida lawmakers already opposed major disaster relief earlier this week.

Flashback: The Senate passed a stopgap bill Thursday to fund the government through December that included an $18.8 billion fund for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help states with natural disasters, CNBC reports.

Scott voted against the bill, per the Senate roll call. Rubio was not present for the vote.
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This vote should be on every news outlet in Florida and the Carolinas. This is typical Republican hypocrisy. Like when the didn’t want to provide relief for New York and New Jersey after hurricane Sandy, but weeks later were demanding huge donations for I think it was Texas. Nothing changes.


FOTFLMAO! Give them nothing, I say. Not a damn penny. Then let's see how well FL likes these two do-nothing swollen heads. Of course, Dems won't do that so we get their petulant and whiny complaints. I would compromise at paying for relocation out of FL, since the entire state will soon be underwater, but nothing else. I have spoken!

No one should not approve money to rebuild what will soon be underwater and/or destroyed again. Much of Florida should be abandoned. But also, I have a hard time feeling sympathy for people who made a scumbag like DeSantis governor.

@racocn8 Daily Kos put me in jail for writing "No FEMA money. Let them suffer." I'm not long for that site, it seems.

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