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I don't have any confidence in the DOJ.

However, if DOJ were to charge Trump for theft of government property (actually espionage), should he be charged now or after the election?

If he were charged now, perhaps he could be influenced toward giving up the papers he's still holding, and potentially save the lives of agents overseas, but would likely energize the GQP and increase election turnout.

Or has the damage likely been done and the agents compromised, and better to wait until after the election to get the best result?

What do you think DOJ will do?

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racocn8 9 Oct 2

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The DOJ should not consider the election. It's not their purview. They should do whatever they plan to do when they have the evidence.


In the meantime the DOJ can milk the case for all it's worth.

What is the DOJ getting out of it?

@racocn8 What it can do for the country (and the real justice for this country). We need to counter the constant lies from the right wing fringe of the country. Bring in facts, repeat and re-repeat until most people have heard and accepted it.


I'm still not convinced we'll ever see a former president in prison.


He's an Executive threat so really not important before the mid-term. Can't charge until so called "Judge" Cannon is done wasting time or 11th Circuit tells her she's done so DOJ's hands are tied.


The DOJ should follow their standard policy and charge him as they would any other criminal.


That's such a good question. I tend toward not wanting to give the right any fodder for getting T.'s sycophants out to vote or be violent on election day. Also, that spiteful SOB probably wouldn't give the DOJ any useful information, just because. I think someone will charge him with something. It will probably happen right after the election.

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