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Fitness Singles. He writes like he failed junior high.

He is 60 years old. Shaking head.

Him: "Sorry. I had to paid to relpy to u. I wasn't sure to do so. Because of so many date site there r a lot of catfishes Robot messager ect on date site. So far u seem to be real. Other than we r about 2 to 3 hours away. So here's goes. No my real name is Cornel."

Me: "Your message doesn't make sense."

Him: "What u mean? If u don't understand what's a catfish. R robot messager. I will explain. A catfish r a person that stolen someone pictures and use it on date site and fake to be that person. A robot messager is a message machine that reply to your texts. All the while that person r company get paid off each texts"

"So think we can become good friends and maybe meet up for dinner one day?"

Me: "No, thank you. Using "u" for "you" and "r" for "are" makes you sound like you're in junior high. I'm attracted to highly intelligent, well educated men with a great sense of humor. I'm a published author. Correct spelling and grammar are important to me.

"Not interested. Good luck with your search. Kathleen"

LiterateHiker 9 Oct 16

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Amazing what you find out there


sounds like a scammer to me


He sounds like one of those Nigerians who send me spam emails! Did you ask him if he knew your cousin, General Korney, of the Nigerian Secret Police?


Do not compromise! Besides, I agree that he sounds like a scammer without functional English language skills.


yep he sounds like a woman I met who said pie are square. we all no pie are round, so eye diddnn't sea her again.


I agree. The depth to which one focuses on one's presentation on the internet also reflects on one's intellect and character in person.

Deb57 Level 8 Oct 17, 2022

You are correct. Poor grammar = poor thinking. And that's not for you🙂


Correct spelling and grammar is a common cop-out

I disagree. If I met a man in person at a social event and he spoke to me in baby talk, I would instantly consider him inadequate as a potential partner. The same would hold if he was shirtless at the party, or sporting a beard that looked like it hadn't been trimmed in years. It's good to have standards and boundaries.

@Deb57 nice to know you are so superficial

@godfree2 except I'm not. Why would I want a man who is too lazy to bother with basics in a dating situation. Often these same men will reject a woman on the basis of her physical appearance. You don't think that reflects on his character?


you were harsh, many sites employ people to catfish men into subscriptions


I dunno.... I tend to short tings up when text fam mems.

I don't know. I tend to shorten things up when texting with family members.


homey dondo dat


I see him (or it) as not being legitimate and trying to convince you that he is. This way if you accept him you might be hit up for money later on down the road. You send it coz you just know he is real. After all, you have talked to him for a long time. They use all the tricks and I get some nonsense similar to your reports while in Meet Me. Recently a supposed woman wanted to know if I lived in an apartment or a house after seeing pics of my mobile home. I take this to be a lack of attention coz they only want pics of what they can use. They might claim later that they live in this house or apartment.

I also had someone want a picture of my drivers license. No thanks. My identity was stolen just yesterday. (Not really.) Damned idiots. This prompted one person in the group to send me a pic of her drivers license and say doing this is very common. That told me that this person was using a stolen identity. Some people forget or do not know that I have also worked in security.

My Meet Me person last night checked out fully. She had pics, residence, phone, and it all checked. One hitch was the last name coming back as Estrada when Ms. Hill claimed she had never been married. She had a giant hissy over me not believing in god and said I had to believe for my children. Claiming to be laying on her couch texting on her phone, I think she finally went to sleep.


I see two possibilities.

  1. He's legitimate. If you met up you'd have to deal with his obvious communication weaknesses. He wouldn't be worth your time or trouble.

  2. He isn't legitimate. He has some presumably nefarious motivation. Assuming you managed to meet at all you'd be at risk from whatever his intentions are. Stay away.

In either case you're better off maintaining distance. In my -- admittedly ignorant -- judgement, you have much more to lose than to gain.


You seem to have a way of pulling the incogniscenti out of the woodwork.


Very funny!

I always date men with at least a bachelor degree. I have a master degree.

I find people with higher education tend to be more intelligent, interested in different cultures, well read and more liberal.

A friend pressured me to lower my standards. So I met three local guys with just a high school diploma. They droned on-and-on about fishing and hunting. I barely got to the door with the glaze over my eyes.

@LiterateHiker Well, I have met people who do not have any formal hight education but still are very intelligent, I have also met people who are highly educated but that is all there is. They have no empathy, no interests besides their jobs, no social skills. It is all about them.

@Jolanta I can go with that. I find highly qualified assholes to be just as objectionable as dimwitted assholes.

@anglophone If the orifice fits, pass them by!


Most of my workers in Laos were illiterate, in their own language let alone English. I re-wrote a lot of safety literature for them in picture form. Some were very switched on, intelligent people. I also know, through a friend, a very successful illiterate man who successfully runs his own business in Australia. Met plenty of idiots who are grammatically fine and good communicators, both spoken and written. People are just too individual to box in a group due to the analysis of a single flaw, especially when it comes to relationships.
To write "paid" instead of "pay" is a tense issue, common amongst those who have English as a second language. Does not mean they are stupid or uneducated.
I feel you are a bit quick to judge, although agree your assumption is most likely correct. Trust your gut.

puff Level 7 Oct 16, 2022

Hmmm, bit of a worry. You kind of wonder if he writes that way at work too.


I hate writing like that, to me it seems just a step above illiterate, and lazy as hell. And that is part of the reason I'm still single.



stuck up and elite is not the way to live


Sounds like you didn't graduate from college.

Insulting people is against guidelines.

@godfree2 Are you calling me stuck up and elite? How about intelligent and selective? Not willing to settle? I have some standards. Are you threatened in any way by my lack of interest or disdain for people who do not communicate well?

@LiterateHiker His purpose seems clear. Blocking time!


He sounds like a scammer who spent about a week attempting to learn English.

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