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LINK Paul Pelosi, Nancy's Husband 'Violently' Attacked With Hammer in Targeted SF Break-In, Suspect in Custody

The Assailant Entered the Pelosi Home Through a Sliding Glass Door. Paul Pelosi struck by a hammer, blunt forced trauma to the head, undergoing brain surgery as we speak. David Depape, the assailant, tried to tie him up “until Nancy got home,” When the police arrived, the assailant was saying he was “waiting for Nancy.” This was a planned assassination attempt.

barjoe 9 Oct 28

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What a Big Man attacking an 80-year-old home alone.
Disgusting on a billion levels.


Inevitable as the Right eggs on their most violent members. And probably just the beginning of what we can expect if they don’t win majorities in Congress after November. They have been calling for the death of Democrats for far too long already.

Yes, it's scary times. No doubt there are those on the right praising this attack.


There are way too many "leaders" on the right openly calling for political violence these days. I can't imagine it ending well.


trump's Brown Shirts.

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