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LINK Paul Pelosi attack suspect was in US illegally.

LMFAO! A Canadian cheat. Who could have saw THAT coming?
FWIW, I would prohibit anyone religious (in a dogmatic and zealous manner) from entering OUR nation. That would especially hold for Xtian zealots. Fuck them as you would a Priest🥸

rainmanjr 8 Nov 3

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Sounds like he is going to be here for a long time, but not anyplace he would choose.

He apparently thought he would die. One day he will tell us of how god saved his life and how happy that has made him. People are strange (not only when you're a stranger).


Priests fuck little boys.

Many do. I don't but I would say fuck you to any Xtian Priest who wanted my time (for any reason what-so-ever).

@rainmanjr Children are very impressionable that’s why they go after them.


Build that Northern wall! 😂


This is going to stick in the craw of some folks for sure.

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