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LINK Biden addresses nation to warn of “chaos” and “violence” ahead of midterm elections - World Socialist Web Site

"“We should leave no one behind,” Biden said, even though hundreds of thousands go homeless every night, a majority of the working class is a paycheck away from poverty and one million people have been left behind to die of COVID-19 so far in the US alone.

America is ruled by “the people,” Biden declared. In America “the aspirations of the many” prevail over “the power of the few.” It is not an “autocracy,” where “one interest” controls society. Who does he think he is kidding? There are two political parties, and both are controlled by Wall Street."


WilliamCharles 8 Nov 3

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Both true but the equivalence is false. Apples to oranges


So what's the plan?


I’m just curious how many voting stations stop counting when the republicans are winning again. This time in the senate.

I’m guessing Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona at least. “Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we can’t keep counting and will have to pick it up in the morning.”

Stop it, pack it up, then call everyone “election deniers like we knew they would be”……

Why else even do that?

Rethuglicans are masters at cheating. It's often the only way they can win.


That’s why the democrats always win after the voting is stopped for the night.

Oh, once again the bigfoot of the GOP is paraded for everybody to be scared off voting. And once again it has less validity than bigfoot. At least the big guy has had numerous sightings and a few sketchy photos. To date, the GOP has produced zero evidence of significant voter fraud despite the huge rewards it has offered.
Back in the day, a man had to back up any claim of cheating with his life. He had to be prepared to fill his hands with his 45 when the alleged cheater challenged his accusation. Nowadays we live in more civilized times but a man should still be able to stand by his word and be prepared to back them up with something other than hot air. So unless you have some actual instances of real voter fraud that you can post or point to "I'm calling you and all of your friends, low-down lying cowards".


Name one person that has been scared off from voting

@CourtJester []
So now post any actual cases of voter fraud, I double dare you. Time to put up or shut up you lying cowardly varment.

@273kelvin He really is a piece of work, isn't he?

@CourtJester Oh and how about the whole of congress (inc Jim Jorden) running for their lives when a bunch of gravy seals and werewolf impersonators invaded the capital building? Does that not count as being scared off voting?



That was easy

And they may have ran like wussies, but they still voted didn’t they???

@CourtJester Wow you got me 1384 cases and 1191 convictions. Then if you look at mail-in ballots 204 and 143 convictions* IN THE PAST 20 YEARS, NATIONWIDE! And you can bet they included those bogus Texas cases where they sent voter forms to convicted felons with a letter saying they were cleared to vote, then prosecuted them.
So let's look again at the numbers. 1384 cases nationwide over 20 years. Even if they were all Democrat votes, (and I think you might find they were not). Even if they were all in the same year and in the same state, it would not have been enough to even change Georgia because as we all now know from Trump's own words "I just need 11780 votes"

*there have been more sightings of bigfoot than that!

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