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This guy is often just so spot on that it is maddening but at the same time it reinforces what you feel at a gut level. The truth is often not very comfortable, far from it but in a world filled with subjective opinions, it's what little we have to hang onto.

“If you wish to become a philosopher, the first thing to realise is that most people go through life with a whole world of beliefs that have no sort of rational justification, and that one man’s world of beliefs is apt to be incompatible with another man’s, so that they cannot both be right. People’s opinions are mainly designed to make them feel comfortable; truth, for most people is a secondary consideration.”
― Bertrand Russell, The Art of Philosophizing and other Essays (1942)

SnowyOwl 8 Nov 9

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Sometimes a person's philosophy is based on mis-information of evidence mis-interpreted. For instance,, people do evil things, therefore people are evil. Religion takes this one step futher by teaching that people are inherently evil.

Religion does teach that people are sinful aka evil but they are allowed to commit atrocities if they do it for that particular religion's deity. Crazy baby 😉



Philosophy. Telling you how something really is. Not so strange that it might be different from one person to another.


Perception is their reality. Home, community, and work life is the bubble they live in and judge others by.

Betty Level 8 Nov 10, 2022

I remember watching George Carlin when I was maybe 10 years old and wondering how much truth there was to his words. Turns out, damn near everything he said was spot on….🤔


Russell does philosophy in a language with which he feels comfortable.

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