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LINK California megachurch leader, grandparents charged with murder, torture in death of 11-year-old daughter

Absolutely disgusting. Of course the church takes no responsibility...

Paul4747 8 Nov 10

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Death penalty. No mercy.


Once again, it’s headlines like this that is helping to move me toward being a death penalty supporter once more.

But either way, death penalty or not, nothing is ever going to bring back the 11 year old child. And everyone’s opinions vary about it.

It is crimes such as this that did turn me into a supporter of the death penalty for heinous acts.


Hard to make out what happened here. I read that the adoptive father kills himself in police presence when contacted about the girl's death. The mother and others apparently involved in the daughter's death and the girl herself has bruises and is malnourished, then she dies. The church wants nothing to do with this. If I was to guess I would say that this 11 year old girl "had the devil in her and we have to get the devil out." That's my guess. It's too bad they did not get the devil out of the bastards who killed her.


The church never takes any responsibility for the behaviour of any of its serfs.


Not enough facts in the story to know what really happened but terrible loss of an innocent child by people who should be protecting her. Very sad.

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