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As an Atheist, do you (sometimes) catch yourself saying “bless you” to someone when they sneeze? Or do you say it deliberately, regardless of your non-god belief, as a form of polite (traditional) acknowledgment, the same way some Atheists say “Merry Christmas”?

From my experience, Atheism and Agnostics seem to have overlapping beliefs with things such as, belief in the soul: some do, some do not, astrological signs: some do, some do not, some say “(god) bless you” some say something else (flil in the blanks in the comments, if you like).

While at work, i’ve had to refrain from saying the term “soul-sucking” when referencing the banality of some tasks, and swapped it with other phrases like “buzzkill” or “killjoy”

There was a south park 2-part episode, Go God Go (XII) where Cartman cryogenically freezes himself to expedite the time he has to wait to buy the new Nintendo Wii. Problem is he stayed frozen for a few thousand years, only to be thawed out in the future that is run by only Atheists, but these Atheists have different factions which are at war with each other about which is more correct about being the true Atheist. Kind of a jab at our community and the different skews of beliefs within. There were a few times the phrase “Oh my god” was swapped out with “Oh my science.”
Thinking this was humorous, I tried using that saying at work, and a few heads turned asking with a little laugh behind their voice, “Did you just say, “Oh my science? And why?”
I replied nonchalantly, “yea, why not?” Those questioning just left it because it’s kind of ‘frowned upon’ at work to question someone’s belief.

Checkmate Theists!

[For those who have not scene the South Park Episodes I’m referring to, I highly recommend it, you’ll definitely get a few laughs, especially how Ms. Garrison explained how ridiculous evolution is, until, Mr. Dawkins explains it…

MacStriker 7 Nov 11

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