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Today something happened in Washington today that I'm concerned about. I support the Me Too Movement but today Democrats turned against Al Franken. Apparently additional women are claiming sexual harassment. He offered to go before an investigative committee. Now they are deciding he should resign tomorrow. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? We need him in the senate. What do you think?

sassygirl3869 9 Dec 6

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I think he is a sellout a scumbag who went against the voter's of his state to support HRC as the Democrats nominee in the 2016 election. We know how that turned out. In case you missed it Trump is now are president. Corporate Democrats controlled by the Clinton machine gave us Trump. not the Russians.

orion Level 5 Dec 8, 2017

The Democrats threw Franken under the bus. the truly sadistic foxes are still in charge of The Henhouse. To believe this action shows Democrats stand on The High Ground is naive. They should not have gotten rid of Franken before moore stepped out of the race and the red pill hero Trumpkin was investigated as well.


It's such an impossible mess. Who's with me in burning it all down and starting all over again? yes I'm joking ,but I do see that it's the most logical solution


They should start at the top with trump !

Agreed. I would hate to see a much-needed Democrat resign while Moore and the pussy grabber in chief stay.


Agreed, but democrats are determined to take the high road on this issue, and drum out those in the party accused, regardless of guilt or innocence. Probably a good idea. Franken is collateral damage.

Perhaps you're right. I can't shake the feeling that with the Republicans being as anti-women as they could possibly be, losing a Democrat is still a loss for us females. We really have not gained anything positive.


Adjudication is needed to determine if a crime has been committed, not if someone should represent constituents in Congress. Allegations from, what, nine accusers? Nine? Come on now, that's more than enough to know that this isn't a one-off or a false accusation, he did this shit. We're not hypocrites like the other team. He's gotta go.


We have a conundrum here. Due process is the hallmark of American justice and one of the main principles of due process is the notion of innocent until proven guilty. This goes for anyone accused of anything. We cannot keep Roy Moore from running and we can't evict Al Franken for the same reason. Because these 'offenses' (I'm not doubting the offense, just the possibility) occurred long ago, the usual methods of proving guilt don't apply. How that would work, I don't know. I'm not an attorney.

In both cases, we have jumped over the all important middle steps and moved directly to sentencing. That ain't right ... even though I wouldn't give you a plug nickel for Moore and I love Franken, both deserve that due process.


I really believe in due process. They’re jumping the gun here.


Al Frankin speaks truth to power. I think he may have offended some chicks who have no sense of humor, but I think a faction wants him gone, and I think the republicans want to smear a top democrat.

Offending some "chicks" is much different than groping and molesting their body in one way or another.
Touching someone in any way without their permission is wrong, especially if you hold a position of authority over them.
I like Al, but he did what he did and he should face the charges if the women decide to press charges. Why he should be forced to step down when none of this happened when he was in office is a little off to me when the president and top congressional leaders are supporting a guy like Moore.

@paul628 before he was in office he was a comedian. From what I have seen he likely made some joke with each of them. None of them have or are pressing any charges.I don't know its just all of the...what? are they even allegations. ..against him seems like he was fucking around and passed someone off.

And don't be offended by chick, dude

@JLFowler I'm aware he was a comedian before office, that has nothing to do with him making unwanted advances on those women.

As I said above I like him in office, hell I liked him as a comedian too (he and Tom Davis were funny at the end of Trading Places).

Whether it was done jokingly is not the point. The point is that it was UNWANTED.
Like I said above, why any of this has anything to do with his job confuses me.
He wasn't a senator then.

Don't tell me what to get or not get offended by, dude.

@SassyLady its sort of funny

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