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LINK Anti “woke” parents try to recruit church leaders.

These people are well organized and attacking schools throughout the country. Their agenda is taken up by Right Wing politicians and they make enough noise to be thought of as majorities, that they are not. The educated and respectful parents need to fight back.

Barnie2years 8 Nov 29

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Some of these efforts are ridiculous. I've seen a video with a woman dressed as a cat and really into ideas that we cannot let kids be who they want to be or who they say they are because we all know a child is not a cat. Wake up! They are children. Tomorrow they might be a dog or a bee. Kids are not being encouraged to be gay or LBGTQ and no one is promoting sex change operations for them. One of my daughters falls for this crap and asks me how a 6 year old knows what a lesbian is. She thinks the teachers are telling them these things. My reply is how can you live in today's world and not know these things. "Over woke" religion is trying to score points for the far right and Christian Nationalism.


Woke equals overt fanatical misinterpretation of common use and common sense of culturally excepted norms!!!

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