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I decided to take some courses online and was just about finished with the enrollment process when I found out it was a Christian university. I figured, "What the hell? That won't bother me. I went to Catholic school from first through eighth grade." But then I came to find out that one of the courses that was a prerequisite was Christian Worldview. Well, I did not hold back on my Atheism. If they were hoping to convert me, it had the opposite effect. So may things in the Bible make no sense at all. One of the things that really bothered me was how many times they say, "Jesus had no sin." "Jesus lived a sinless life." "Jesus was the only person who never sinned." There is no record of Jesus' life between the ages of 13 and 30-something. How in the world could they possibly know he didn't sin? Those are prime sinning years! I asked my professor about this. His response was, "Mary was interviewed after Jesus died. If Jesus had sinned, His mother certainly would have known."
I wrote back, "With all due respect, Professor, when I think back on all the things my friends and I did as teenagers and as young men in our 20s, there are some things are moms would NEVER find out about."
He answered, "Haha! Glad to have your perspective!"
And that's how it was throughout the class. He never had any real answers for me. At the end of the course (I got an A) he told me he was going to pray for me, which strikes me as both funny and sad.

Wakenbaker 5 Nov 30

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I highly recommend this book for you. It addresses your concern and is hilarious.


"I am going to pray for you" equals "fuck you very much" (for offending my fragile sensitivities).

The life of Jesus is so thoroughly plagiarized from pre-existing myths that no one should say anything is known with certainty. The claim that no actual Jesus existed benefits from an absence of evidence.


There's no record of his life, PERIOD. Outside a few pages called the "New Testament," pages which wildly contradict each other to boot, NO record, despite the many scribes, historians, and learned men with whom he would have come in contact. Isn't that "proof" enough? By these many omissions, it is patiently obvious there was never any such human being.

I have never read the Quran but I'm told that he's in there. We do have some Archaeological evidence, a carved figure on an early coffin and a few others (not the fake shroud), of such a figure but he didn't look like the Xtian Jesus.

@rainmanjr "A carved figure on an early coffin," seriously? Even if it WAS of "Jesus," that doesn't prove he existed, just that someone thought he did. And what do you mean "a few others?" And what do you mean by "early?" 70-80 years?

@Storm1752 I didn't say it proves anything. It indicates that a guy of some notoriety, or he wouldn't have been in the carving, existed. I'm not going to watch hours of Perspective (PBS) to find the episode for you. The Quran is an other. So is the finding of his brother's grave. Personally, as I've said, I have no prob agreeing that the fellow existed. I do have a prob with magical raising of the dead to prove he was the son of a Deity. One does not indicate the other. Granting this conceit (which nobody can or will "prove" ) reduces friction between me and a Xtian whom I may want to debate and gives me greater power in the debate because I've flattered them. All the easier to make them concede things.

@rainmanjr If one wants to say there were self-proclaimed messiah's there at that time, yes, there were, AND WE KNOW THEIR NAMES. And they didn't do anything remarkable. If THEY were known by name, wouldn't someone who reportedly attracted THOUSANDS, be mentioned at least ONCE, by at least ONE historian, especially after a public spectacle of a trial and a crucifixion ordeal and parade through the streets? (Not to .mention a darkening of the sun and an earthquake!!!).
If one wants to make the case the Romans melded together a composite figure whom they called, oh, "Jesus Christ" sounds cool, and made up a completely improbable life in a pastoral Judea which was really a war zone, to supplant a warlike Jewish religion, while the Jews themselves were massacred and dispersed and Jerusalem reduced to rubble (on the ruins of which they built a whole new, Roman city), then fine, THAT makes a lot more sense.
And if YOU want to believe there was a "Jesus Christ," it should take more than a coffin with some unidentified man carved into the wood, or a grave with someone called "James" buried there. Where's the nascent "religion?" Where are the religious writing, or anything resembling an organization? Where, for that matter, was Peter, or Luke, John or Judas, or ANY of them (outside the "New Testament," of course)?
They are not mentioned AT ALL because they didn't exist. But you believe what you want.

@Storm1752 That's a lot of questions nobody can answer and which I didn't allude to believing. I said there is evidence of him but not as a Deity. I don't believe that he was. I'm a Taoist. Here's some news, life's events don't always make sense.

@rainmanjr And I think your "evidence" is fake, talked about by people determined to find something, ANYTHING, to bolster their pre-existing beliefs, which are themselves based on lies.

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