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Is There A Singles Group Here?

djchicago 2 Apr 30

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I used to be single. I still am, but I used to be, too.



There is now a SINGLES GROUP


Believe it or not we don't have a separate group. I suppose we can start one.


You know, it might seem obvious, but creating specific groups for "seeking relationship", "seeking hook up" etc, using the group function is actually a good idea...

Zster Level 8 Apr 30, 2018

I know I'm going to sound really stupid, but what exactly is a 'hookup'. I think it's an American expression.

@Chippie Meeting for sex, from what I understand.

@Zster Oh!


Clicking the Meet tab gives you the Groups option to see the many dozens of Groups available and by clicking the "Next" at the bottom of each list you will see there is a wide variety. I saw a few like Tamp Singles, and an NYC group. Many individual States have their own local groups too. Just by participating in discussion groups you come across people you connect with in some way and you can always check out anyone's Profile to see what they are looking for.


I was assuming we're mostly singles. Am I wrong? At least the ones here specifically for "dating" (with the little heart near the name) are presumably single in some sense. Easily distinguished from the rest.

I wonder why I am I not seeing these hearts.

Really? I was told this place was mostly for those of the non religious persuasion. That doesn't mean singles don't come around, I am sure they do, just that I didn't realize it was geared towards dating specifically.

Strange how perception can often misguide people. This site was definitely 'sold' to me as a dating site. Having said that, I have enjoyed many other social interactions here but it is FAR from being a dating site.

@AmyLF Amy, the very first profile question is "Are you here to meet Agnostic members for dating?" You apparently answered NO. So your page and subsequent questions are not aimed at dating. But yes, many of us ARE here for dating... and enjoying the discussions along the way.

@AmyLF, @MollyBell You need to check your profile questions to see how YOU set it up. The heart next to another person's name/handle with a % number next to it shows-up only for those people who are here for dating AND who are looking at another person's profile, also here for dating. It does not show-up when looking at your own profile because it's to show the similarity of two people to each other. It shows as redder for high-% matches. If you don't ever see it go back to your profile and review how you answered the questions.

@mtnhome Thank you. I had forgotten about those.

@mtnhome, @Silvertongue I joined mainly for dating. I dated a couple of local guys I met here, soon after I arrived. One creep, and one cool guy I would definitely hang out again with, if he wanted to. Now I'm all set in the dating department, so am mostly here for friendship and fun.

I think it's a cool site, especially for free, without ads. Remarkable, really.

@MollyBell I agree completely! The idea of a philanthropic dating site is just awesome! It bypasses many of the issues that prevent the other sites from working.

@mtnhome Yes, I'm aware of that. To me that question pretty much made it clear it isn't only for dating. That's all I meant by what I said. Considering many of the topics that come up have to do with married couples and kids, kinda makes it an open site for whatever area you wish to indulge in. Like I said above, it doesn't mean singles won't come here too. It just means the main focus is people who are agnostic regardless of dating or marital status.

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