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LINK After School Satan Club delayed after VA school board cites safety concerns

(This is religious discrimination. I doubt they would delay a Christian club out of fear of theri starting an inquisition.)

A proposed After School Satan Club at B M Williams Primary (part of Virginia’s Chesapeake Public Schools) has had its first meeting delayed through January after the school board cited safety concerns.

As I’ve written about before, ASS Clubs do not promote Satan, Satanic beliefs, Satanism, or anything else like it. The Satanic Temple, which sponsors these groups, doesn’t even believe in a literal Satan. After School Satan clubs aren’t about indoctrination. Rather, the Satanists “focus on free inquiry and rationalism, the scientific basis for which we know what we know about the world around us.” It’s like a science club with a devilish twist.

After an evangelical “Good News Club” launched at the same school earlier this year, The Satanic Temple, with the help of a parent whose child attended the school, began the paperwork to begin their own group. They received a green light from administrators since they did everything by the book; the district sent out a letter making it clear that they legally could not discriminate against the club. Once they opened their doors to religious clubs, they couldn’t say no to one just because they don’t like what’s being taught. They also issued a disclaimer: “ASSC is not a School District-approved club, and no District employee is acting as a club sponsor.”

All of that was true. There were bound to be complaints, but the District had the law on its side.

Last week, there was a slight snag after the parent who agreed to sponsor the club backed out, but June Everett, the Campaign Director for ASSC, told me they had another parent agree to do it, and they were resubmitting paperwork. It was merely a formality. Everett added that 13 kids had already signed up to attend the first meeting, scheduled for today (December 15).

snytiger6 9 Dec 15

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Too bad 'Christians' and all other religions seem to be clueless on the real meaning of religion. Too bad 'Christians' and other religions seem to be clueless on the meaning of sects.


It's happening because christians are fucking hypocrites.


Could the Club require all members to have a loaded AR15 as part of their religious ceremony?


They have no safety concerns over christian clubs.


Yes, it may not be safe to have a Satan Club.


The only safety issue is any xtions that take objection and plan an assault.


Mmmm safety concerns? HAHAHAHA what a joke!! Bring in the boys Satan, Lucifer’ Baphomet and Belial!! Have a party!{

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