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Jan. 6 panel to vote on urging DOJ to prosecute Trump on at least three criminal charges
The report that the select panel is expected to consider on Monday afternoon reflects some recommendations from a subcommittee that evaluated potential referrals.


xenoview 8 Dec 16

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Sounds if there are a lot of viable 'kangaroos' in this court ruling. Regarding the 'un-select' committee, there are those that will be apologists for any kind of crime or criminal.


It tells me all I need to.know about humanity to see 1/3 of the population of a country being brainwashed by a two-bit criminal who paints his face orange. It's so insane, it's almost like a cartoon.


Maybe. I suspect in a functioning republic he long ago would have been tried/jailed. The US is far from a healthy republic though. Even if he is tried and jailed suspect that would just more polarize the nation. What a mess.

I agree. They won't prosecute him because what you discussed is what they're scared of.


Vaporize him!!!!!!



If they don't prosecute, there's no excuse.

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