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Religious beliefs

Do you the current religious beliefs can save humanity?
Most people don't care about heaven or hell anymore they just want to live a better life.

Mike-IMA 3 Dec 18

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The current embrace of climate change denialism by Christianity endangers Humanity with extinction. What religious belief (actually tied to the religion's dogma) has a positive impact (and not contradicted elsewhere in dogma)? (Quaint universal epigrams don't count).

All religions require self-delusion and superstition that points in the direction of mental dysfunction and then sociopathy. So what is an example of benefit?

Good point. You may like to read my below comment, which is similar but a bit longer, sorry.


I'm not sure that people want to live a better life. It appears to me that certain people want to dictate that life they want us all to live. So much so that they want it to be a part of our Constitution. That's in America anyway. I cannot speak for those in Ghana.


I don't know if nursing homes and orphanages would specifically save humanity, but that is what religion is all about is the humanity and empathy of helping those in need while avoiding worldly corruption.

Religion ... pure and faultless is this: to help widows and orphans in need and avoiding worldly corruption. James 1:27

Word Level 8 Dec 18, 2022

No. Because it almost inevitably has the opposite effect.

If people have real knowledge, and the willingness to help humanity, then they will try to share that knowledge, by reasoning, free debate and education etc. and as a last resort they may use, things like, tradition and superstition as leaverage, because the fake authority of those things can be powerful in persuading people. ( Its sometimes called the fallacy of proof by authority.) But only as a last resort, because people with good ideas will usually believe that honesty, evidence and reason are enough.

People however who hold to bad ideas, especially the criminally intended and those who do not even believe themselves, that their ideas can be supported by reason, evidence, science and open debate etc. Will naturally reach for the fake authority given by religion, tradition and superstition. It is their first go to choice, in part, because it is usually so muddled that it can be interpreted to mean anything you want however crazy.

Which is why there is a deep sibling connection, between religion and anti-social, anti-science and even criminally immoral ideals. Which may not have mattered much once, but as secular philosophies such as the social contract and science advance, those opposed to all education, intellectual growth and human advancement, will increasingly make religion their own. While with our increasing numbers and technical power making us more dangerous, the need for science, evidence, education, good democratic debate and reason grow ever more critical with time.

On paragraph 3, it's not just a sibling connection. Religion DIRECTLY fosters anti-social, anti-science and criminally immoral ideals. Examples respectively, homophobia, Creationism, anti-Semitism/racism/slavery (or priest pedophilia).

@racocn8 Yes I agree it does. I used sibling, because I have used the term marriage in this context often before, and was getting bored with it. Though I am not sure that religion directly fosters anything, religion is not itself creative, it is merely a tool or weapon in the hands of those who wish to use it to promote other things, and I would say that it is most useful to people who are evil of intent. I would rather say that, like an instrument of torture, it has no good uses, but it does not itself create pain and suffering, if sat in a museum it does nothing, it is people who drive it.


Religious beliefs cannot save humanity. Look at the religious beliefs of ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, pre-invasion America (both north and south) and much of Africa, PLUS the pox known as Roman Catholic Church.

Willful ignorance in the face of what we now know about the natural world is not going to benefit anybody.


I think religious beliefs are damaging humanity. I love fairy tales, but religion with its so called history is too much bullshit. Although, one could argue some of those old testament tales with a little modern take...... a film of Sodom and Gomorrah opening scene Lot fucking his two daughters and with flashbacks.

Set in Alabama.

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