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LINK Things To Never Say To Someone Who Is Alone For The Holidays

Being alone is not the same as being lonely.

barjoe 9 Dec 18

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I relish my time alone on Christmas. I don't need to pretend to be joyful, etc. It's actually a sad time of year for me, and I don't need anyone to be uncomfortable around me. There are many other days of the year I can spend in joy with others. I've felt the twist of the knife in years past, so I'm happy to just let the day go past with my mind otherwise occupied.


Actualy i just found out that will be me this year and my immediate thought was, i get to eat a Big Lobster!!!!

30+ years ago I worked in a bar, restaurant and nightclub. Big place. We had a lobster tank and there was a 16 lb lobster (illegal today). He wouldn't sell it, some people offered huge money if we'd serve it to them. We had a power failure and had to cook off all our chicken lobsters. We had lobster salad, Newberg, all kinds of specials. He restocked the tank, but the big guy wasn't doing too well. Boss had it cooked off and his family sat down at the back round table to eat it. He invited me and a few others to join with them. It was delicious. It fed 8 people nicely.

BTW Anne. Have a lovely winter solstice.

@barjoe Right back Atcha!

@AnneWimsey Enjoy you lobster.


I'm thankful that I don't know anyone that would be mean spirited enough to do any of these things.

I live alone and feel lucky that I have good friends and feel that each and every one of them would welcome me during their holiday celebration.

It is The Onion so it's satirical, but some people can be much worse.


I'm alone and live alone. Sometimes I do get lonely. Of course, I worry about the alternative that if I move a woman in she will be here at my place alone while I am gone. I've been alone long enough to have trust issues.

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