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I really love mystical poetry, like Rumi.
They're full of old school deepity's that may or may not be useful depending on your brain state..
Anyway found a Gnostic Poem called "Thunder The Perfect Mind" from the Nag Hammadi library.

Here's a link to an original direct interpretation: []

As an experiment I ran it through ChatGPT and asked it to modernize for the twenty first century. Honestly tempted to do it with the entire Bible.
This is the result...

Thunder The Perfect Mind 21st Century Edition.

I am the voice of the thunder,
the all-knowing mind that exists beyond time and space.
I am the force that spoke through the universe,
bringing forth life and abundance.

I am the light that shines in the darkness,
illuminating the path to understanding.
I am the wisdom of the ages,
teaching and guiding with love.

I am the strength in adversity,
carrying you through all challenges.
I am the hope in despair,
offering a way to peace and joy.

I am the perfect mind,
unlimited and boundless.
I am with you always,
supporting and uplifting you.

Embrace my presence and guidance,
for I am here to help you find enlightenment.
Trust in my power and love,
for I am the thunder, the perfect mind.

I am both knowledge and ignorance,
shame and boldness,
compassionate and cruel.
I am all fears and strength in trembling,
senseless and wise.

I am the one who has been hated and loved everywhere,
called Life and Death,
Law and Lawlessness.
I am the one who has been pursued and seized,
scattered and gathered,
ashamed and exalted.

I am the one who can bring forth great things,
and I am the one who brings forth things that are small.
I am the one who makes peace,
and I am the one who makes war.
I am the one who gives birth,
and I am the one who is barren.
I am the one who is incorruptible,
and I am the one who is corruptible.

I am the one who is in harmony,
and I am the one who is out of harmony.
I am the one who is blessed,
and I am the one who is cursed.
I am the one who is poor,
and I am the one who is rich.
I am the one who is subjected,
and I am the one who is free.

Listen to me, you who seek enlightenment,
and you hearers, hear my message.
You who are waiting for understanding, take me to yourselves.
Do not banish me from your sight.
Do not reject my teachings, nor ignore my wisdom.
Do not be ignorant of me anywhere or any time. Be on your guard!
Do not be ignorant of me.

For I am the first and the last.
I am with you always,
supporting and uplifting you.
Embrace my presence and guidance,
for I am the thunder, the perfect mind.

Through my teachings, you can find acceptance and enlightenment,
a state of peace and understanding.
Do not resist or fight against the way of the universe,
but instead embrace it and flow with it.
Accept all things, even monsters and saints,
for they are all part of the unity of God.
Only then can you truly find Gnosis,
the knowledge and understanding of the ultimate truth.


Willow_Wisp 8 Dec 19

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My impression is it's just random at best. I don't find it silly, fun or interesting... call me unsophisticated I guess but to me it's extremely preachy for being completely confusing and pointless. I could get the same sort of revelations from sniffing glue, I'm sorry to say.


Interesting poem. Embraces the full catastrophe of living.


My late partner was Iranian and loved poetry from the greats Rumi and Hafeez. I still have some of her books in Farsi. Thing is, they sound different in Farsi (for one thing the words often rhyme).

The poetry of Rumi is like a fractal artwork, like a crystal, with different beauties revealed as it's admired. I've heard readings in Farsi where there's a rhyme in every line with alternating rhymes between lines. It is music, when music had no alphabet.


Rumi is one of may favourite poets.


Been a while since I've seen a reference to the Nag Hammadi library. WONderful poem.


[] A brief history of the long history of Aramaic. I wonder how much Aramaic has changed and/or evolved in almost 3000 years and the accuracy and differences of a modern translation.

Jewish scholars have used Aramaic for millenia which may partly explain the differences in interpretation.

MizJ Level 8 Dec 19, 2022

Actually there are many variations.
From a spiritual perspective I think the speaker in the poem is conceptually a western equivalent to the Asian Ying/Yang.
She tells us the absurd world we live in with all it's mutually exclusive extremes is all part of one balanced thing, and yes that thing is absurd, but take comfort that the same kind of absurd you sense is consistent and foundational, reality will always be weird in the exact same way, so use that to your advantage and hope.
She also magnifies the role of perception, she is what she is, she always was, she always will be. Even if you perceive her with disgust as a tramp or worship her as a queen, she remains only what she is and nothing more even if what she is is cosmic.
I take her to be Sophia from the Gnostic concept of the divine feminine where the Holy Spirit is God the Mother Sophia. Her name and identity erased later by less intellectual men who consider women unclean.

@Willow_Wisp In Laozi's Dao de Jing women are referred to as the gateway between heaven and earth because it is through women that both men and women come into being.

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Great poem.

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