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Have you ever told someone, 'I love you' knowing that you didn't?

Step up & be honest people!

atheist 8 Dec 7

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Yes, to my ex-wife, and especially in the last several years of marriage. After I told her that I was seriously contemplating divorce, we both stopped saying it altogether which was a relief in itself.

@pepperjones It's definitely an awkward thing to say when you know deep inside you are lying to the other person. Good luck with whatever you decide on your marriage.


no. there are probably a few people I should have told I love but didn't though


Several times because they were clingy to me(too much clinginess pushes me away)


I did this a lot in my twenties. It was virtually impossible to get an enthusiastic blow job without this magic phrase.


Oh yea there was this one girl she had a bipolar condition which I didn't mind but when ever we would go out she was just always in someone elses arms and honestly if my kids asked me how did me and their mom fall in love I didn't want to say well when she finished f#$&ing the neighborhood and needed a place to stay. She said she loved me and I said it back so it wouldn't be akward. She made-out with like 3 guys in the same week in front of me like ladies that honestly turns an honest guy off we're not competetive.

I didn't cause she reminded me of myself she was misunderstood at home by her family but I couldn't be with her cause she was too possessive I guess she wanted someone who would over come anything to be with her but love takes 2 if I did all the work and it didn't work out I would of just blamed myself for chasing someone that wouldn't do the same.


I told my friend I loved her after she said "I love you friend." Knowing that in actuallity I couldn't since she believed in god and satan. I didn't want that negativity around me and my would be family so I kinda played along even my friends and family knew how I felt about her but one day she put her ear against my heart and I was holding back my heart cause although I did love her I couldn't be with her so I just had to commit to it in advance. Besides when I knew her she already started going out with one of my best friends. But one day we went to McDonalds to eat she asked me if she can be my mom which grossed me out since for an unknown reason at the time that just reminded me of my mom and how everyone I knew would always say they liked my mom for no reason. Which I know now she was an undercover christian posing as a buddist. Everytime I had someone over my mom would talk to them in private when I was in the bathroom or something and only after will they say they liked my mom.

Actually these woman were in Texas I'm in New York right now and I'm not attracted to most of them, but this one girl I saw at work but yea christian hate would prevent us.


To get them to bed? No. But I have said it to people sometimes off-the-cuff... like right before you hang up: "I love you." I've also said it to friends when I was hammered: "I love you guys SOOOOO much!" And once when a guy bought me a drink.


Romantically? No.

There are a couple of times that stick with me because they made me uncomfortable. My daughter is an only child but, starting in third grade, she started acquiring friends who are also like family to both of us. Some needed emotional support, some needed protecting, several lived with us on and off for months or years at a time, and all four are like daughters (and friends) to me. There are two other girls who I think wanted the kind of relationship we had but wanted to dive right into intimacy and immediately started giving me hugs all the time and saying, "I love you!". There was no chemistry and no relationship but guilt made me reply in kind. They moved on but I still feel kind of yucky about it. Actually, REALLY yucky. I like to think I'd be strong enough to resist now.

Indeed, @atheist, indeed! Time to be movin' on up.


No, but I have said to myself at the time, "this is awfully fast." It turned out to a brief, intense and mutual rocket trip. We're still in touch occasionally. Real life and distance got all tangled in.


Lol I’m dead serious. I’ve always tried to be as straight forward as possible.


NEVER. I always believed I was in love when I entered into a long-term relationship. Now years later my perception of what healthy love is has changed.


Nope. I can honestly say that I loved everybody I ever said 'I love you' to. Sometimes that love did not last long, however.

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