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The fossil record is a logical counter to the Xstian notion that the planet Earth is only around 6,000 years old, plus Dinosaurs are way cooler than the Bible.

SnowyOwl 8 Dec 21

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There is a real holy book, and strangely it is written with only the letters T A G C , but it tells a story going back three and a half billion years at least.

And now we are beginning to read it, it tells us many things we could never have known before. Such as the fact, that at some time about forty thousand years, a man and a female Neanderthal met for sex in the forests of central Europe. Or that about seventy thousand years ago, we nearly died out, probably because the volcano Tambora caused a global catastrophe, so that only a tiny remnant population struggled through in central Africa, with just one surviving female linage. ( Please remind the Bible belt racists, that we are all the children of a black woman, they will love that little factoid. )

Now that is cool too.

So much to learn, so little time.


Evolution is far more profound and transcendental that anything in the Bible. It replaces religious lies with what we are, how we got here, what will happen to us and our relationship to all living things (on this planet).

Simple minds like simple explanations, and the Bible gives simple explanations!

eMaybe we need to come out with a Coles Notes version. There is no god, the Earth being only 6,000 years old is based upon a Bronze Age explanation that makes no sense, why not sleep in this Sunday and enjoy your life for a change?


I was posting on FB on a thread about a 4,000 year old Sumerian tablet that relates the flood myth. Xtians were saying things such as Neanderthals predate the dinosaurs, that if evolution were true, giraffes would be driving cars, and that the tablet proves the Genesis story of the flood is fact. One said that science proved that there was a worldwide flood. It is useless to point out the errors of their claims and when I asked for sources, none were given.

I think that we all know people who had a 100 yard stare through science class in elementary school, those guys seem to like the God explanation for everything, belief required but no thinking necessary.

@SnowyOwl I majored in English for a reason, but even this old English teacher knows to trust in science instead of the Bible!

@Gwendolyn2018 I majored in Life Sciences, it taught me to question everything and expect everything to be a moving target. 🙂

@SnowyOwl regardless of our majors, education should teach us to question everything. I have heard parents say to children, "Stop asking so many questions," but that is what children should be doing. My mother strove to answer my questions, but her knowledge base was limited and the answers were not always correct. She told me that boogers were formed by dust settling in the nose.

@Gwendolyn2018 Escaping a cult like the JW's at the tender age of 13 and hearing people spout stupid shit also made me question everything from an early age.

@SnowyOwl I'm also not a trusting person because my mother was mentally ill. There was no name for her behavior when I was a child; I just knew what what was acceptable one day might be acceptable the next day. Late in her life, she was diagnosed as bi-polar and clinically depressed.


Then there is this....

BDair Level 8 Dec 21, 2022

Then there is this, my wife on a kiddy ride in Chetumal, MX, during a fiesta - Tequila may have been present.

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