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LINK A high school coach joked about preaching Satanism. Then he got fired.

Ethan Gabel, a math teacher at Kirksville High School in Missouri since 2012 and the head coach of the Boys and Girls Cross Country teams since 2016, won’t be returning in the latter role next season after Christians interpreted his satirical tweets to mean he wanted to impose Satanism upon students.

The chaos began in late June after the Supreme Court handed down the Bremerton decision. The right-wing majority said that high school football coach Joe Kennedy had every right to conduct performative, coercive Christian prayers at midfield after games despite all the evidence showing how his attention-seeking stunts were harming students on the team. In response to the ruling, Gabel jokingly tweeted about how he was going to follow suit and inject some Satanism onto his Cross Country athletes.

He said things like, “Why, yes. I will be praying to Satan around your children” and “I should be able to sacrifice a goat to Lucifer after a cross country meet this year!”


snytiger6 9 Dec 24

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Maybe he'll sue the shit out of the school district & see how they like it.


I had a high school teacher who jokingly created the 'Save The Turkey Foundation' for Thanksgiving and the '13th of October' terrorist group. He used to bring his black powder guns to school and give demonstrations with wax bullets.

But at least he was smart enough to not write anything incriminating down. He never got fired. The last I heard he got a law degree and became an ambulance chaser in Tucson.🙂


Is it illegal to sacrifice a goat? I suppose it would be if the goat was Tom Brady but, otherwise, have they not heard of lamb chops? He should sue but people have to be smarter.

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