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We have one of these fake musicians in front of our local WFoods store.. Part of me feels bad for him, knowing how our current government has put us in the position many are in with the need to beg. But when you lie to people faking playing an instrument hoping to get people to give you money,, I have a problem with it. I have known very talented musicians that actually made a decent living playing (and usually singing) on a downtown street corner. I know they could actually play. I don't really even consider that begging. So yeah, I have a problem with these fakers. How do you feel about it. Should we call them out?

Should they be called out?

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Captain_Feelgood 8 Dec 24

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How are they harming you? They're actors. Call out the politicians that lie to us. Call out the promoters of this constant fear panic and prejudice that keeps us divided while our nation is being sold off


Eles nao estao fazendo nenhum mal. **


Pull your head in and live your own life. At least they are not stealing. Don't like it, don't respond/ support. FFS why do some have to force their values on all they get triggered by? Diversity is good. What do you want? A goon squad to check all buskers to see if they are good enough for your standards?

puff Level 8 Dec 25, 2022

Punching down, stock in trade for modern "conservatives."


How about if you Mind Your Own Business and allow others the same respect?


What does "call them out" even mean? I will call it performance art & get rid of my pennies. Get a life people.


I think you have too much time on your hands and not enough love in your heart


I'm not going to pick on someone down on their luck. As far as I am concerned, that is even more unethical.


There’s a reason it’s not illegal… it doesn’t harm or cheat anyone. It’s a performance. No one is required to pay… that is done voluntarily. Don’t we have anything better to worry about?

skado Level 9 Dec 24, 2022
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