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Do you have emergency equipment?

Do you have emergency equipment?

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PondartIncbendog 8 Dec 25

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We are on grid but could be self sufficient for several months off. We always have stacked pantry , fridges and freezers and have our own Well and ample wood pile. Our 5500w diesel generator can run : pumps, fridges, freezers, lights Tv and wifi…all at the same time . If we we run …20 minutes x three times per day= one to two litres fuel/ hr…that’s all that is needed to maintain the household.
The heavy draw power items such as hot water and cooking can be done on a propane camp stove and we have wood heat. When the generator power is off, which is most of the time, the house is still comfortable.

And we have a 45gallon drum of Diesel…which doesn’t deteriorate.

Sounds like you're ready for the end of the world......Diesel doesn't go bad?

@bubaj50 Under ideal conditions, diesel fuel can be stored between six and twelve months. To extend the life past twelve months, even under the best conditions, it needs to be treated with fuel stabilizers and biocides. Wiki.

@PondartIncbendog I’ve used the same diesel, off and on for a dozen years.

@PondartIncbendog I’m an optimist who plans on surviving Natural disasters. Paranoia is a waste of time.


No generator, yet, though that sort of peace of mind IS attractive. Otherwise, I am pretty well decked out with camping gear, so cooking, heating water as well as very insulated beds are easy. I just bought battery powered holiday lights to create ambiance if the lights go out, and hot water bottles to fill w water heated from the camp stove to keep my reptile pets warm. Have fire wood and city water, so… should be good!

Zster Level 8 Dec 26, 2022

IF you do get a generator, get a propane powered. Gasoline doesn't keep long. Propane lasts forever.


I have a propane generator which powers essentials, in an area which loses power frequently, sometimes for days. I also have battery-powered lanterns. I feel very prepared. My area can get cold in the winter. A few days ago it was 6 degrees in the morning, and we experienced rolling blackouts. The generator was the best investment I ever made.

I have a propane conversion if I need it. I mostly use propane heat with propane lantern.


Not sure if it would be considered a generator, but I have a portable power source that I charge up every 30 days. It's really only good for powering small devices for a short time, but better than nothing. There is a big generator in the basement of my condo complex in case of emergency.

I also have 6 battery powered camping lanterns and a few flash lights plus 12 battery powered candles, and oodles of batteries.

I do have a butane camp stove, plus my condo complex has propane barbecues, I can use as my frozen food thaws.

Since I live in a warm climate, the biggest thing I stock up is ice for emergencies. I freeze large water bottles to keep my food cold in case the power goes out, or if I have to evacuate taking my food/water with me.

You sound like a former NW resident. Well prepared.

@PondartIncbendog Longest time I was without power in PNW was the inauguration day storm in January 1993. My daughter and I were home sick with the flu, watching the inauguration, when the power snapped off, and we were days without electricity, no hot water, not well prepared, with snow all around us. Otherwise, I've been lucky with only minor power outages in the past. Weather related is understandable, and we know now to be prepared for hurricanes, etc., and can forecast them, but malicious or terroristic behavior is sadly now something we also need to be prepared for as well.

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