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LINK Former President Donald Trump Calls Himself ‘Clairvoyant in Unhinged Truth Social Christmas Message

(This fell just short of falling into the "silly, random and fun" category.)

The mind that brought you “very stable genius” has taken self-praise to a whole new plane of existence. Former President Donald Trump gave us the Christmas present we didn’t ask for in the form of a rambling post on Truth Social, in which he took swipes at the usual suspects—the “Radical Left,” “LameStream Media,” Department of Justice, and Federal Bureau of Investigation looking into his multiple alleged Espionage Act violations. Having taken to referring to himself in the third person, Trump posted in part that the media is pushing for President Joe Biden over “Brilliant, Clairvoyant, and USA LOVING Donald J. Trump,” apparently referring to the magical ability to see into the future or communicate with the nonliving. “LOVE TO ALL!” the post concluded.

snytiger6 9 Dec 26

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He's a 2 year old trapped in a 70 somethings body. However most 2 year olds will eventually shut up and move on. He needs to be in a mental health facility in the nearest prison.


If he doesn’t wind up in jail, he may still be in a mental institution. He is definitely bordering on the edge of insanity.

When you have that kind of cash, you're "eccentric". (Even if he's not nearly as wealthy as he's pretended all these years.)


Love it when Trumpists (and Republicans and right-wingers generally) refer to themselves as "patriotic" and "America-lovers", so as to imply that people like me don't love America, because we're liberals and accept other cultures & ways of life beyond "white, cisgender Christian" as equally good.

(Sorry, that became a horrible run-on sentence. Nearly as bad as Trump himself...)

It seems that every groups that describes themselves as "patriots" and has wanted to "put America first" has been primarily white supremacists and/or Fascists.

So called self described "patriots" are not motivated by patriotism so much as they are motivated by hate and fear.

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