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Tehachapi's Golden Hills Elementary School in California received severe criticism when it was announced that in response to the schools permision for a "Good News Club," hosted by the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF), was allowed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to children at public schools, a Satanic Temple (TST)"After School Satan Club" project, has been scheduled to begin in early December.
Some guardians and parents claimed that this shouldn't be allowed "I understand the school by law has to allow them" said Sheila Knight, whose grandchild is a fifth grader at Golden Hills and criticized the decision and called the After School Satan Club disgusting.
"I can't imagine why anyone would want their child to attend," she also said.
June Everett, an After School Satan Club campaign director, said "The fact that others find our club controversial when they have absolutely no issues with the other religious clubs operating in their public school is puzzling to us."

It is not confusing to me because idiotic Christians are not only terrified of their imaginary friend, they are even more scared of their imaginary enemy and his army of red hot bum poker wielding boogies and ghoulies.

LenHazell53 9 Dec 26

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A case of right and wrong here. The school is right in hosting an opposing religious club.
Wrong in what right have the schools have to force religion upon students? Last count they had clergy and churches doing that task. Schools used to be a place of learning the basics and churches the place of religion.
Times have changed.

I believe this is the point
TST has in the past forced the removal of Christian religious symbols and organisation from US government institutions, by insisting that all religious symbols have the same right as another.
For example forcing US court houses to remove the ten commandments from their premise or else accept "THERE ARE SEVEN FUNDAMENTAL TENETS" of TST to be displayed along side of them.
Almost always these institutions ban all religious symbolism rather than tolerate both.
It has proven a very effective strategy.


I guess that is one way to flush the rabid and wretched religious loonies out of the woodwork.


I would prefer that non-believers promote a science club or even an anti-theism club. Bringing up Christian theology by referencing satan may be effective at owning the religionists, but sends the wrong signal by implying the Christian dogma is believed at some level.

Spot on racocn8

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