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LINK Fatal car crash involving over 200 vehicles in China

At least one person has been killed after heavy fog caused a pile-up of over 200 vehicles near the city of Zhengzhou, in central China. I once was stuck in the turnpike in heavy dense fog, zero visibility. Managed to crawl to a rest stop and spent next hour and a half having coffee and junk food until it cleared up. Frightening!

barjoe 9 Dec 28

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My family used to travel to Germany over the Christmas holiday to visit a friend of my father's in the Air Force. We generally left late after dad was done work. I remember at least a couple of times when somewhere along the way on the German Autobahn there would be a massive pile up of cars due to black ice on the road. We were never involved, but there would be cars in the trees next to the road, in the divider, smashed into the guide rails. This was back in the 1960's. Bad driving is everywhere.


They probably have the lowest number of car accidents involving pedestrians for the consequences of hitting a pedestrian with a car are very severe. Pedestrians walk across busy roads in Beijing and the cars and buses will slow down or swerve around a pedestrian to avoid hitting him or her. However, there is a high rate of vehicle collisions.

In the USA they give you points.

@barjoe While in China I was told that most car insurance policies for those who have them are not worth the paper that they are written on. A car accident that results in crippling a pedestrain can result in supporting him and his family for the rest of his life.

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