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LINK Brasilia: Guns Temporarily Banned From Brazil's Capital Ahead of Lula da Silva's Inauguration | CNN

Four more days. The second largest democracy in the Western Hemisphere is still in peril. Much like January 6th, 2021. No longer unthinkable in the USA, a military coup d'etat was never unthinkable in Brazil.

barjoe 9 Dec 28

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In South America it's almost expected. Stable governments have not been their historical norm.


I agree.

I'll add that I laugh when I see that headline because I can't even imagine the cops or even the military taking the gang's guns. Maybe not as bad in Brasilia but try that in Sao Paulo or Rio and no way it happens.

I wouldn't put anything past Jair Bolsonaro and his sons. Partido Liberal will try to pull something before or on Sunday. People in Brazil are scared. They should be.

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