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'Thank God For Elon Musk'
Without him, and I believe him only, we wouldn't know about the sinister goings on at our intelligence agencies. - Reid G Sheftall, M.D.

The irrefutable evidence has been shared by Musk. Our intelligence agencies, most specifically the FBI but also the CIA, NHS, and DHS (Dept of Homeland Security), had agents planted in Twitter, Facebook (100 of them!), and Google, controlling the narrative of the SARS-2 outbreak and what politically-sensitive information (the Hunter Biden Laptop, for example) was released to the public. Witnesses from the major social media platforms all lied under oath in Senate testimony.
We should all be thankful that Musk, 1. took over Twitter and 2. has enough courage to implicate and prove with evidence that the FBI, for example, was using your tax dollars to pay Twitter to block users putting out tweets that went against the narrative (which we now know was and is completely false.)

We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Elon Musk. He has almost single-handedly restored free speech and exposed our own government (the intelligence agencies at the behest of whomever were restricting it).

"If Elon Musk hadn't spent $44 BILLION DOLLARS to buy Twitter, nobody would have ever believed the extent to which the intelligence community has absorbed private social media platforms in this country and turned them against the people. It's literally unbelievable.
Exposure will probably be fatal. The Constitution does not provide for any internal security service in the United States. The agencies are WAY off the reservation, well into criminal territory, no matter how clever their lawyers are …
Of course, we still have the teensy-weensy little problem of 'who' will charge and arrest these people, since they're in control of the entire federal law enforcement apparatus. Don't worry, there ARE answers. But let's wait a little bit and see how things play out."
-Jeff Childers

Elon Musk announces that the Fauci Files will be released later this week, starting 2023 off right.
There are only a few things that can ruin the lives of billionnaires. Health problems, losing a child, going to prison, come to mind. If the FBI is willing to commit these crimes, you could imagine they could arrest Musk on trumped up charges and put him away. He knows this too. Yet he is brave enough to share this information.

Musk fired 70% of Twitter employees when he took over. They were far-Left, woke people led by Jack Dorsey who never would have called out the FBI and other agencies who were hurting the citizens by controlling elections and basically propagandizing people into getting vaccines they should NOT have gotten.

Thank you, Elon Musk.
(We can all do him a favor in return by opening a Twitter account and using it.)

BDair 8 Jan 2

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FBI and CIA book.

BDair Level 8 Jan 3, 2023

There have been hints from a few "celebs" of various governments and business controlling the internet.
The true puppeteers remain hidden, (Blackrock, Vanguard et al)but their push to totally control the worlds population is on track
Musk in my opinion is a bit if a dick, based on his daily youtube musing to the people, but one has to admire him for his stand.
Blind Freddy could see that the American government, who love sanctioning, would ensure that anyone speaking out gets a lot of grief. Musk must have been aware of it and stood his ground. For this you have to admire him.
I still think he is a dick though according to my thoughts

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