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Six year old boy shoots teacher in the USA: []

anglophone 8 Jan 6

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Yes, the love of guns as a way to settle grievances is only going to grow, with the new supreme court ruling in the U.S. I have a 6 year old grandson who gets moody and defiant when he doesn't get his way. I shudder to think what would happen if he had access to guns and a household philosophy that guns are the answer. Glad he lives in a gun free home.

I live in a state with previously very tough gun safety laws. Now with the new ruling, we have issued 60 concealed gun carry permits just on my little island, in the past month. This is scary as that number is only going to increase and we all know it's not for "safety purposes" of the gun carriers, but will lead to an increase in altercations ending in gun shots instead of fist fights.

I hope that innocent people will be safe, but what happens when someone with access to a gun has a grievance to settle with a teacher, friend, relative, shop owner, or what have you. Sad to see the love affair USA has with guns.

Your point about grievances and guns is both well made and alarming.


Of course it was the USA. This headline in Iceland would be shocking, but here it’s mundane.



Try “Six year old boy in the USA shoots teacher” or

“Boy in the USA shoots six year old teacher.’ (grin)


Unbelievable! And it wasn’t accidental. He went to school that day with the intent to kill his teacher.

Yes, and what are the chances of his parents being held responsible?

@anglophone that is happening more often. So there is a chance they will.

Self-determination is rare in a child of this age. VA is as fucked up as the V.A. and twice as deadly.

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