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I love human ingenuity. Including Russian.

Drunk drivers scared away by snow sculpture []

FrayedBear 9 Jan 9

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That is scarier, than my shark carved on the beach.

I'm still trying to work out the significance of the giant ice cream cone behind the policeman.


Good idea. I wonder if it will take off?? Imagine the police planting fiberglass cutouts. Be better than the revenue raising method they use now to keep the road toll down..
Speeders or drunks would never know if they passed a cutout or a cop car until it is too late.

I've seen American cops park empty cars in strategic places to slow traffic. Similar idea, only US has more funds to spend.

@Beowulfsfriend They have the occasional cop car in plain sight more often than not there is an empty 4x4 parked beside the road taking pictures of speeders.

@Kurtn Or the ubiquitous cameras that fine the owners

Yep, someone near me painted an old wreck to look like a police car and parked it in the end of his drive.

Here in Australia they also use bloody dangerous speed humps to smash your car or throw it off track into parked vehicles, trees & other property.

Though if you're in a recently flooded area you're likely to also get unrepaired potholes. A couple of weeks ago I encountered one on a 100kph road that was like a trench from one side of the road to the other & was a good metre wide. The road maintenance crew that I met several kilometres down the road told me that they would get round to fixing it sometime in 2023.
Fortunately for myself & the car I managed to slow to a non damaging speed and safely arrived.

@Kurtn & @Beowulfsfriend I think the snow is cheaper & it can't be sanctioned - can it?

@FrayedBear No major flood damage in my area in the Biloela/ Moura district , our roads are normally poorly maintained, dangerous at times, except in areas of coal mining traffic where money flows like wine

@FrayedBear America, being the emperor of sanctions, will find a way to sanction the snow for sure.

@FrayedBear Remember the silent cops they used to have that did a great job of ripping out your oil sump? The Gold Coast had an absolute love affair with them, they bred quickly and then disappeared just as quickly.

@Kurtn that'd be right!

@Kurtn where I am atm, Frankston, is full of them. I also came across another nonsense on Monday h a 80kph straight road punctuated with such tiny obstructive roundabouts that you had to reduce to 40kph or less as a driver in front of did dropping down to 5kph! I did wonder if the did it deliberately to create a rear end w\o & whiplash.


Love something about Russians, huh? You're taking us all by surprise.

Lol. Not beholden to your indoctrination & delusions.

@FrayedBear Sure, sure, that was still funny though.

@ChestRockfield Will it also be funny for you if I tell you that there are things about Russia & Russians that I do not like?

@FrayedBear That they haven't taken over the US and Australia because you hate America and want to be a Russian?

@ChestRockfield ROFL LMAO You chose your last name well. You are like barren ground. . . Dense, impenetrable & impotent.

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