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There is a little known cure for jingles that suck up your brain capacity and won't go away all day long. Usually they're commercials. I substitute another brain freezing jingle for that one and I usually stop the repeating offender. I sing (in my head) I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener. That works. Can't tell ya why it works it just does.

K9Kohle789 8 Jan 12

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My friend also substitutes other jingles/songs for those that get stuck in his head. I don't often have this problem any longer, but I will keep Oscar in mind just in case.


"I must remember that." Could be another good one.

But seriously I am sad to say. Getting fixated on jingles can be a sign that you are not getting enough sleep. If it happens often, it may mean that your brain is trying to send you a message. Do take care.

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