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LINK Lisa Marie Presley death: Singer and only child of Elvis, dies at 54 after hospitalization mother Priscilla Presley says |


(I was just reading an article about her earlier today. How she ended up at a -$16 Million net worth. To start with $100 Million and end up in the red, was curious to me. She had a rough rough go over her lifetime.) #sosad


SeaGreenEyez 9 Jan 12

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Former Wife of The Boy Molester michael jackson!!! Let us not forget!!!


A life of fame and world-wide notariety could be a heavy mantle to bear, beginning as a witness to her father’s death.


I watched the Elvis biopic over the holidays. It was so much sadder than I expected it to be, and now this.


All these young folks dropping like flies & nobody sees the c19 Vax correlation. And nobody thinks that all these deaths of YOUNG folks are being explained away as anything and everything EXCEPT the vaccines is in the least bit strange or is normal?
But "THEYRE" sure it's definitely NOT the vaccine, in released statements. πŸ€”

Emme Level 7 Jan 13, 2023

So you suppose that Lisa Marie's death had something to do with vaccination? From what I read it was a total collapse and cardiac arrest. There is no proof that she ever took the jab. Do you have her medical records? You might as well have said that she died while trying to fly to the moon.

Only the Qs who see it in every single death. A guy got shot in the face in Chicago yesterday, my goodness, didn't you see the connection to the vaccine.


Lisa Marie Presley died suddenly from cardiac arrest, people are sharing a screenshot of her saying she had no regrets getting vaccinated against COVID-19!

I Don't know, although heart disease and cardiac arrest are skyrocketing worldwide. One guy was in a sky diving accident and they claimed he died of covid. Some love their vaccination, but hate their side effects

@DenoPenno are you retarded? You know the top cardiac doctors in the world are saying that the vaccine causes heart problems.. fucking retarded

Thank goodness for you .. gives me hope for the future

Seriously... Am sincere

@laidback1 I don't think I'm the one that is retarded here. I've had the Covid shots and I'm alive. Elvis had heart problems and died from it but drugs might have helped. Lisa is his only child and it is likely that she also had heart problems. Antivax bullshit does not mean that everyone who took the jab died from it. Yo can believe what you like but I wonder where you get your information.

@DenoPenno how about people like Dr Drew?he use to trust fuaci, and the vaccine too .. he polite about it all.,I wish I could be like him.he is better then me.. I implore you to look him.up.on YouTube...

Trying to blame her death on the covid vaccine is absolutely absurd.

There is ZERO proof it played any role.
It's not even known for sure if she had ever even gotten the vaccine.

Further, her family medical history indicates there were a number of possible contributing factors.
Additionally, she had some substance abuse issues in her youth, all of which could helped cause her death.

Trying to make the vaccine a factor is nonsense.

Btw, @laidback1, Drew Pinsky is a quack.

@KKGator okay i see how you are...


No mum should have to bury their children, no matter what the age.

Lisa Marie buried her son 2 years ago - she hasn't seemed well since.


Evis died ar age 42 same age as his Mother. Not a good healthy record for a wealthy family , almost having eveything.

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